30 Oct 2013

[ i’m sorry i know i never post on here *flies into the sun*

and i know it’s kind of a shitty excuse but i’ve just sort of been going through a lot„ my ex-friend has been spreading shit about me (she’s also lied and said that it was my fault she started self-harming, but it turns out she’s actually been doing it since the start of year 8), another of my friends has been lying to me, another two of my friends don’t seem to trust me, my mum and dad saw my scars so now i can’t even cut again and ughhh ]

19 Sep 2013

[ also i was feeling a sad so i started doodling the fukawa in the middle and then

also the text next to mutsoko says “*moe moe* her name is secretly mutsokMOE (what a bb)” ]

19 Sep 2013

[ have some stuff i doodled in france ]

19 Sep 2013

[ yo hey guys i’m not dead

school is like a load of shiiiit at the moment like seriously it’s 2 weeks in and people are already talking behind one another’s backs, screaming at each other and fighting. also i found out one of my friends has a mild mental disorder and is threatening to kill one of my other friends. and then i’m here with depression because my family life is crap and whoo gender issues and whoo body issues and whoooooo sexuality motherfuckers ]

5 Sep 2013

[ if i owe you a reply, please like this post. i had like 6 replies written up, but then google chrome crashed ;_; ]

4 Sep 2013

[ on another note, i’m going back to school tomorrow. expect me to be posting much less. ]

4 Sep 2013

[ i won’t be rping for the rest of the day. sorry to all those who are still waiting for a reply… i cut again after two months and now i just feel miserable. ]

4 Sep 2013
meet the blogger

name: olivia
age: idontlikesayingmyageonline*breathesheavily*
favourite saved url: ???

the next movie you’re planning to watch: the pmmm movie ouo
the last movie you watched: rio
the book you’re currently reading: seizure by kathy reichs
favourite fictional character: grelle sutcliff uwu<3
the number of songs on your iPod: 568 (aka too many)
that one song that’s been stuck in your head all week: rolling girl
the fictional character you identify with most: rolling girl miku u_u

4 Sep 2013
Send me ‘⁈’ for my character’s reaction to your muse running their hand up mine’s thigh.
3 Sep 2013



"Ah! Princess Ann!"


"It has indeed been a while. How are you?"


"I’m fine, I’m just getting away from my country for a while. Away from the annoyances."

"Hah, sometimes I consider getting away from Asmodean. The villagers here are…" She shudders.